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Channel Dredging

Increases channel depth and a channel’s capacity for carrying water, aids in flood prevention.

3845 Savannah Hwy Jesup, GA 31545,
(912) 427-9071
(912) 530-7520
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Service Overview

Channels and Marinas are kept deep and wide enough through dredging for safe movement of ships from deep ocean waters to deep-water harbors where imports are unloaded and exports are loaded. Dredging must be performed regularly to maintain proper depths for these marine vessels. The materials removed differ in consistency and removal options.

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We listen, we discuss, we advise. It sounds simple, but in practice it is a far more valuable trait to possess than just being able to perform the job. We do more than perform a job; we do the job right. With 46 years of experience in dredging and excavating processes, you can rest assured that we are going to get the job done right because we have knowledge of the tools we provide and the services we offer to our clients.

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