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Coal Ash Dredging

Removal of settled ash material from industrial coal ponds and lagoons.

3845 Savannah Hwy Jesup, GA 31545,
(912) 427-9071
(912) 530-7520
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Service Overview

Coal Ash Dredging removes the settled ash deposits from industrial coal plant lagoons and ponds. These materials can considerably cut down on the safety and viability of these coal power plants, translating to loss of productivity for the plant. Coal Ash is removed through dredging with a cutter head and pump that is connected to a flexible pipe. The material is then sliced and cut into smaller pieces and removed to another area for proper settling. Some coal ash can be removed from the surface of the pond or lagoon and some must be dredged and cut into pieces for removal. Often this material can be recycled and reused, but that depends on the nature of the material removed and its viability.

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