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Coal Ash Dredging

Removal of settled ash material from a coal ash pond at a power plant is accomplished by dredging – either through wet dredging or through excavation.

Pipe Fusion

Polythlene pipe is a very efficient means for transferring material. This pipe comes in various sizes and can be assembled quickly. We have several thousand feet of pipe on hand.

Channel Dredging

Ensuring proper depths for water vessels is a routine necessity in waterways around the world because sedimentation gradually fills channels and harbors.

Sand Dredging

A 12″ Discharge pipe from a dredge is capable of transferring up to 350 cubic yards of sand per hour. Excavating sand and sediment is the primary function of dredging.

Geotextile Tube Dredging

These bags are constructed in several weaves that allows the maximum containment of your material while disbursing maximum flow of filtered water.

Sludge Dredging

Our dredges can remove up to 300 cubic yards of waste per hour. Many wastewater lagoons suffer from excess sludge building up. It can be a constant challenge to remove the sludge.

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